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In the development of atopic dermatitis, several phases are distinguished: infant (first 1.5 years of life), childhood (from 1.5 years to puberty) and adult. Depending on age-related dynamics, there are features of clinical symptoms and localization of skin manifestations, however, the leading symptoms in all phases remain severe, permanent or recurrent pruritus. The infantile and childhood phases of atopic dermatitis are characterized by the appearance of bright pink Ampicillin 500mg on the skin of the face, limbs, buttocks, against which vesicles (vesicles) and weeping areas appear, followed by the formation of crusts and scales.


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In the adult phase, foci of Ampicillin are pale pink in color with a pronounced skin pattern and papular rashes. They are localized mainly in the elbow and popliteal folds, on the face and neck. The skin is dry, rough, with cracks and peeling areas. Treatment of atopic dermatitis is carried out taking into account the age phase, the severity of the clinic, concomitant diseases and is aimed at. For the treatment of atopic dermatitis, various methods and drugs are used: diet therapy, PUVA therapy, acupuncture, plasmapheresis, specific hyposensitization, laser treatment, corticosteroids, allergoglobulin, cytostatics, sodium cromoglycate, etc.


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Nutritional regulation and dietary compliance can significantly improve the condition and prevent frequent and severe exacerbations of atopic dermatitis. During periods of exacerbation of atopic dermatitis, a hypoallergenic diet is prescribed. At the same time, fried fish, meat, vegetables, rich fish and meat broths, cocoa, chocolate, citrus fruits, black currants, strawberries, melons, honey, nuts, caviar, mushrooms are removed from the diet.


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Also, products containing dyes and preservatives are completely excluded: smoked meats, spices, canned food and other products. In atopic dermatitis, compliance with a hypochlorite diet is indicated - limiting the amount of table salt consumed (however, not less than 3 g of NaCl per day).


It is well tolerated by patients and is most commonly used in dermatological practice for the treatment of atopy.

In patients with atopic dermatitis, there is a violation of the synthesis of fatty acids, so diet therapy should include nutritional supplements saturated with fatty acids: vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, soybean, corn, etc.), linoleic and linolenic acids (vitamin F-99). Drug therapy in the treatment of atopic dermatitis includes the use of tranquilizers, antiallergic, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory drugs. The most important in the practice of treatment are drugs with antipruritic action - antihistamines (antiallergic) drugs and tranquilizers. Antihistamines are used to relieve itching and swelling of the skin, as well asin other atopic conditions (bronchial asthma, hay fever).

A significant drawback of first-generation antihistamines (mebhydrolin, clemastine, chloropyramine, hifenadine) is the rapidly developing addiction of the body. Therefore, the change of these drugs must be carried out every week. A pronounced sedative effect, leading to a decrease in concentration and impaired coordination of movements, does not allow the use of first-generation drugs in the pharmacotherapy of people in certain professions (drivers, students, etc.).

Significantly safer in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in persons with comorbidities is the use of second-generation antihistamines (loratadine, ebastine, astemizole, fexofenadine, cetirizine). They do not develop addiction, there is no atropine-like side effect. Loratadine is currently the most effective and safest antihistamine used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Due to the atropine-like side effects, a number of diseases are a contraindication to the use of Ampicillin drugs: glaucoma, bronchial asthma, prostate adenoma.

To alleviate the condition of patients with severe attacks of itching, drugs that affect the autonomic and central nervous system (hypnotics, sedatives, tranquilizers) are prescribed.

The use of corticosteroid drugs (methiprednisolone or triamcinolone) is indicated for limited and widespread skin lesions, as well as for severe, unbearable itching that is not relieved by other medications. Corticosteroids are prescribed for several days to stop an acute attack and are canceled with a gradual decrease in the dose.

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In severe atopic dermatitis and severe symptoms of intoxication, intravenous infusion of infusion solutions is used: dextran, salts, saline, etc. In some cases, it is advisable to carry out hemosorption or plasmapheresis - methods of extracorporeal blood purification.

With the development of purulent complications of atopic dermatitis, it is reasonable to use broad-spectrum antibiotics in age dosages: erythromycin, doxycycline, metacycline for 7 days. When a herpes infection is attached, antiviral drugs are prescribed - acyclovir or famciclovir.

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